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What is


Acupuncture is an ancient system of healing - a component of Chinese Medicine which has been used and developed over thousands of years. 

Traditional acupuncture views our health as being dependent on balancing the body's energy known as Qi ('chee').  This Qi flows throughout the body but is concentrated in channels or pathways beneath the skin. These pathways are called meridians and there are 14 main inter-connecting meridians in the body. Hundreds of acupuncture points lie on these meridians and acupuncture uses fine needles inserted into these points just below the surface of the skin to access and balance the Qi.   Acupuncture points can also be activated using acupressure, lasers or electrical stimulation if preferred. 

How many Treatments are Required?


There is no set number of treatments as each case is different. In general, however, treatments may be required once or twice a week. Because of the nature of acupuncture, addressing the underlying imbalance, at least 6 treatments are required to determine how you respond to acupuncture.


What can Acupuncture Help?


Although acupuncture may be best known for helping arthritis, other conditions affecting joints and soft tissues may also be treated.


Acupuncture can be effective not only when used alone but also in conjuction with Western Medicine. It is important, however, not to stop taking any medication. Abrupt 

cessation may be dangerous. Any reduction in medication must only be decided upon consultation with your doctor.


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